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Beer Fridge Only Opens for Canadians in Sochi

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Photo: @Molson_Canadian

The Olympics in Sochi may be a bit of a mess, but for anyone with a Canadian passport, at least beer is easily accessible. Molson Canadian tweeted the above picture of a beer fridge that only opens by scanning a valid Canadian passport. Located in the Canadian Olympic House, the fridge is part of an ongoing Molson Canadian marketing campaign that, naturally, celebrates Canadians and beer.

While the fridge helps get beer into the hands of Olympians, other products have been much harder to find in Sochi: Security restrictions have been placed on items including oysters, imported Chobani Greek yogurt, and a grape vodka called cha-cha, and there is apparently tough competition for groceries. Check out the beer fridge in action in the video below:

Video: The Beer Fridge - Scan Your Passport | Molson Canadian

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