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Activists Launch 'Veganuary' to Pressure You Into Veganism

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Start your year off cheese-free.


A dairy-despising couple from the United Kingdom wants to make "Veganuary" a global movement. According to their website, Matthew Glover and Jane Land are tying to convince people to eat vegan for the month of January. People who sign up to participate pledge to cut out meat, fish, diary, other animal products and byproducts — and most likely happiness — from their daily diets.

The duo first started Veganuary at the tail-end of last year in the U.K. Land explains on the campaign's website: "We wanted to provide people with the practical help and advice to try vegan, but we also wanted to create an inclusive community where people could feel supported and heard." Interestingly, the website provides potential participants with tons of resources, including a list of items vegans can order at chain restaurants.

According to a press release, out of last year's participants, 50 percent apparently said "they intended to remain vegan for good." The campaign notes that they are not trying to convert people to veganism solely to help end animal cruelty. Instead, they hope to highlight the different reasons people decided to go vegan which include "a love of animals, environmental issues, and health concerns."