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Prison-Bound Real Housewife Is Now Producing Cooking Videos

Teresa Giudice wants to teach how to make spicy shrimp over pasta.

Here's a video of prison-bound Real Housewives of New Jersey star/table flipper/cookbook author Teresa Giudice cooking "one of her daughter's favorite" pasta dishes. Giudice and her husband were recently convicted of fraud; Giudice starts her 15 month prison sentence on January 5. Somehow, she decided that the month of December would be the perfect time to launch a cooking series with Glam.

First up is a tutorial on how to make spicy shrimp with angel hair pasta. Giudice explains in a depressed, monotonous voice how to sauté shrimp and make the sauce. She distractedly adds two flecks of salt to boiling water while recommending that viewers salt the pasta as it cooks. She ends the video as any reality star should, with some good old fashioned product placement of her cookbooks and sparkling wine line.