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Cheese Truck Erupts Into Hellacious Fondue on UK Highway

Sadly, there was no bread in sight.


What a cheesy mess: A truck containing hundreds of pounds of cheese caught fire Monday night on a highway in Northamptonshire, England. According to the BBC, eyewitnesses say that there were "a couple of explosions" on the truck before fire fighters were able to show up on the scene.

The blaze — which temporarily shut down the highway — was massive and dangerous. Two other trucks stopped just behind the fiery truck — which had likely become a gigantic fondue bowl by that point — to block traffic. Mashable writes that no one was injured but the cause of the fire remains unknown.

This isn't the first time a truck filled with good food has caught on fire. Last year, a trucked packed with pork belly started to burn on a highway in Austin, Texas. While the driver managed to escape unscathed, the city's ramen bowls probably cried out in anguish.