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Man Uses Snake As Weapon After Sandwich Order Snafu

According to the police report, "no one was physically injured."

Edward Blake/Flickr

Things got a little Biblical at a sandwich shop in Saskatoon this morning: Police were called to an unnamed restaurant on the 600 block of 22nd Street West — there is an Arby's and a Tim Horton's on the block — when two 20 year old men got into a fight. The police report states "staff members had fled the store in fear after a snake was thrown behind the counter."

Apparently, two male customers ordered their sandwiches with diced onions, but when the sandwiches were presented the onions were not diced. The argument escalated until one of the men reached into the pocket of his friend's jacket "pulled out a snake and threw it behind the counter."

The snake was soon determined to be non-venomous. Both the men and the snake were taken into custody; the men remain in jail. Officials found a temporary home for the snake, and plan to release it into the wild in the Spring.