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Delta Wants to Get You Drunk on Craft Beer

The airline will now carry beers from seven craft breweries on flights.


For craft beer fans, the best bar may soon be 35,000 feet in the air. According to a press release, Delta Airlines will start serving brews from seven craft breweries on its flights. On certain routes, passengers will be able to drink beers from San Diego's Ballast Point Brewing Company, Long Island's Blue Point Brewing Company, Brooklyn's Brooklyn Brewery, California's Lagunitas Brewing Company and Stone Brewing Company, Massachusetts' Newburyport Brewing Company, and Atlanta's SweetWater Brewery. Plus, all domestic routes will also serve beer from Samuel Adams.

This year, Delta has taken steps to improve its food selection as well: Besides serving the airlines' addictive spiced, speculoos-style cookies, the company has partnered with chef Linton Hopkins to design an in-flight menu featuring upscale eats.

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