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Restaurant Turns Negative Yelp Reviews into Dramatic Monologues

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Brace for melancholic piano music.

One restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska has taken to YouTube to combat negative Yelp reviewsAccording to KMTV, the owners of Block 16 decided to get cheeky and turned the reviews into dramatic readings.

So far, the restaurant has filmed seven black-and-white videos featuring people acting out the poor reviews which complain about everything from the French fries to the restaurant's prices. Each video is set to melancholic piano music and ends with the message "If you have a bad experience at a restaurant, there's help. Talk to the manger or owners."

Block 16 is far from the first restaurant to fight back against negative Yelpers. Earlier this year, a restaurant in Kansas City penned an epic — and very public — response to a Yelper's one-star review. Another restaurant in Boston has taken to quoting poor reviews on the bottom of their receipts. In New Mexico, the owners of a food truck bit back at a scathing review with a genius song featuring a ukulele. Watch a couple of Block 16's dramatic readings below:

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