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Shocked Waitress Gets a New Car as a Tip

Best tip ever?

This week in megatipping: Cindi Grady, a waitress at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson, Missouri got the surprise of her life when two regular diners tipped her with a brand new car. A local news station reports that when Gary Tackett and his wife — who live in a nearby town — found out that a beat up car in the Cracker Barrel's parking lot was not abandoned but belonged to a waitress at the restaurant, they decided to do something.

Grady had been driving the jalopy to work everyday because she was financially unable to afford to fix the old car. She admits to the news station that she was embarrassed by the car's many dents and cracks  — all caused when she accidentally collided with five different deer over the years.

In a scene out of The Price Is Right, after a meal one day, the Tacketts paid their bill and then led Grady out to the parking lot to present her with the car, their tip to her. "It's not a new car," Gary said, "but it's new to you." Watch Grady's reaction, posted below, as well as a local news story.