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Food Network Announces Yet Another Competition Show: All-Star Academy

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Food Network has officially run out of ideas and talent.

Two of the chef mentors.
Two of the chef mentors.
Food Network/Facebook

Here's yet another culinary competition show from Food NetworkAccording to a press release, a new series called All-Star Academy is currently in production. The show features ten home cooks from across the country who are paired up with the same chefs found on seemingly every television show: Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon, and Curtis Stone. Ubiquitous Food Network host Ted Allen will also perform hosting duties on this new show.

The chefs will act as mentors and provide the cooks with "guidance and support" as the contestants compete in "intense culinary challenges," in which they apparently put their "mentor's reputation on the line," whatever that means. Guest judges will decide which dishes aren't edible and will eliminate contestants one-by-one. Eventually one cook will win "bragging rights," and $50,000 — because bragging rights will only take you so far.

The press release promises that "emotions will run high" which basically means that at least one contestant will probably cry at some point, or you will, out of boredom. All-Star Academy is set to premiere in March.

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