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Modernist Cuisine Just Announced a Very Merry Giveaway

The lab-like test kitchen and book publisher is giving away pricey books and more for eight days this month.

Modernist Cuisine/Official

The folks behind Modernist Cuisine, the game-changing laboratory/test kitchen/culinary playground/massive cookbook/educational series from former Microsoft guy Nathan Myhrvold late yesterday announced a giveaway for the holidays. Over the course of eight days, the company will gift lucky winners with some fancy prizes. Entrants may "win just about anything Modernist Cuisine, from [the] Special Edition Baking Steel to the 50-pound Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking." The book retails for over $600.

The giveaway takes place from December 8 through December 15, with one winner picked on each day. Complete details may be found over on Modernist Cuisine's official site.