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Burger King Japan's Latest Creation Is a Burger Drenched in Fondue

The fondue is made with a "touch of white wine."

Burger King Japan/Facebook

It appears that there is little Burger King Japan enjoys more than creating stunt burgers: Over the years they've introduced a burger topped with blueberries, a pizza-sized burger, and even one sandwiched between black bunsAccording to Burger Business, the chain's latest gimmick is a fondue burger.

Starting January 1, Burger King Japan will sling the Beef Fondue and the Chicken Fondue, both of which come with a vat of warm melted cheese. To keep things classy, the fondue has been made with a "touch of white wine." The promo images show that diners can either dip the burgers in the cheese or drizzle the sauce over the burgers to make it look like the burger fell into a puddle of beige paint. The burgers are priced between $3.75 and $5.75 each.