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Anthony Bourdain's Role on CNN Is to Tell 'Stories About People's Everyday Lives'

Bourdain sits across from Charlie Rose for his latest in-depth interview.

Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain sat down with Charlie Rose for a revealing interview this week. Bourdain and Rose discuss a range of topics including Bourdain's new found passion for jujitsu, how meeting his wife completely transformed his life, and his time spent doing drugs ("I was deliberately doing stupid things.")

They dive into how Bourdain makes business decisions: "[They] are based on a very simple principle: Who will I have to speak to on the phone on a regular basis? ...[If] it's someone I wouldn't ordinarily want to hang out with...I certainly don't want to go into business with them."

Bourdain eventually reveals to Rose that he sees his award-winning CNN show as "an adjunct to the news": "We're telling stories about people's everyday lives more often than not." He notes that this is important when talking about current events, because the public doesn't often "see that side" because at times it can be "uncomfortable."

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