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Eons of Bad Luck Produced As Morton Salt Wall Collapses

An avalanche of a different sort.

That umbrella's not going to help you.
That umbrella's not going to help you.
LunaseeStudios /

Snow on the ground in December is a common sight for Chicago, but Tuesday a small sector of the city's North Side was blanketed in a different white substance: salt. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday that a wall at the iconic Morton Salt building collapsed, giving way to "an avalanche of white crystal and brick."

Thankfully no one was injured, although some cars at a neighboring Acura dealership sustained damage after being engulfed in salt. According to the Sun-Times, "Chicago Department of Buildings spokeswoman Mimi Simon said a preliminary investigation found that salt kept inside was piled too high, causing the wall to collapse." As the paper also points out, the company's long-time slogan is "When It Rains It Pours," which seems all too appropriate.

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