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Two Strangers Unintentionally Rob Same Restaurant, Become Drinking Buddies

Neither of them were smart enough to get away with it, though.

The thieves' bounty.
The thieves' bounty.
Northern Territory Police Force/Facebook

Great minds think alike, and apparently so do dumb ones. According to KTRK, "two burglars in Darwin, Australia, who didn't know each other broke into the same restaurant at the same time last night" with similar intentions: to steal a bunch of booze.

After making one another's acquaintance in the walk-in refrigerator, the new pals kicked back with a few cold ones. After that, one of them filled up an empty trashcan with bottles of liquor and wheeled it outside, where the two-person party continued. According to the police report posted to Facebook, "in the meantime a number of other crooks took advantage of the open premises and helped themselves."

One of the original boozehounds passed out drunk in front of the restaurant, where he was discovered by police in the morning. The other made it out but somehow managed to leave his backpack behind; police found his ID inside and promptly arrested both of them. Per the police report, they are still searching for "the other opportunistic thieves" and "it is expected the restaurant will be upgrading its security." Apparently alcohol theft is a popular pastime in this particular region of Australia?

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