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Behold 16 Courses From Scratch Bar in 60 Seconds

Coast through Los Angeles restaurant Scratch Bar's tasting menu in 60 seconds.

What you see isn't always what you get at Scratch Bar, an experimental contemporary American restaurant in Los Angeles. Chef Phillip Lee offers diners an à la carte menu, but also plates several elaborate tasting menus. Above and below, his 16-courser priced at $140 a head:

Fresh popped corn seasoned with garlic duck fat, crispy duck skin and fresh thyme

Hood Canal oyster topped with caramelized wild mushroom mousse, Coho salmon caviar, fresh lime, sea salt and Thai basil

Green mussel & sea urchin sake shooter - SKEWER: Ceviche'd green mussel, red onion and serrano pepper - SHOT: Unfiltered sake, lime juice, tomato syrup. SCOOP: Avocado mousse, sea urchin

Braised and seared pork belly, Hood Canal oyster, coconut/chamomile emulsion, dehydrated chamomile flowers

Puffed smelt cracker served over beet mustard whipped with duck fat

Lamb porridge topped with a seared egg yolk

House-made pickled goat cheese smoked over Timothy hay, sourdough baguette, sweetened olive puree, pickled vegetables

Lightly toasted escolar, cucumber, radish, burnt greens gazpacho

Wood smoked salsify, cauliflower purée, cauliflower chips, steamed romanesco, puffed amaranth, roasted sweet breads, Coho salmon caviar

Sourdough "bone" stuffed with raw marrow, topped with spiced mushrooms and pickled onions

Three day charmoula marinated prawns served over a purée of cabbage cooked in caramelized fish sauce with toasted pistachios, scallions and smoked white onions

Cured pigs head salami, beet mustard onion soubise, cracked pepper

Dry aged filet mignon tartare stuffed into a crispy prawn shell covered with cured pork fat

Roasted Australian lamb loin, creamless creamed spinach, roasted broccoli, fried broccoli and pickled broccoli, sweet and sour radishes, duck fat/scrimshaw jus

Dark chocolate and cayenne candy bar, raspberry sauce

Vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles (red is made from beet, yellow from corn, orange from carrot, green from spinach, black from chia)

Scratch | bar

111 N La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90211