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Only Nando's Chicken Can Satisfy Wiz Khalifa's Munchies

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The rapper loves their peri peri sauce so much he allegedly wants to bring the South African-born chain to LA.

Wiz Khalifa is apparently a big Nando's fan.
Wiz Khalifa is apparently a big Nando's fan.
Nando's/Getty Images

Wiz Khalifa, AKA the tatted-up dude responsible for that annoying "Black and Yellow" song, loves a particular South Africa-based chicken chain so much he wants to bring it across the pond. Per a DishNation report from an unnamed source, the rapper "is addicted to Nando's chicken dishes, and can't get enough of their special Peri Peri sauce." While Nando's — which specializes in Portugese-style grilled chicken — does have an existing U.S. presence, "there are only three restaurants and they are all in Washington DC," obviously much too far from Khalifa's home base of Los Angeles to pop by whenever he has the munchies.

According to the report, Khalifa belongs to a band of of loyal Nando's-loving celebrities that also includes Snoop Dogg, boy band One Direction, and Taylor Swift sidekick Ed Sheeran. (Beyonce is also a fan.)

Of course, Wiz isn't the first rapper to have dreams of a chicken empire: Giant clock-wearer and reality TV maven Flavor Flav had several chicken-centric restaurants, the last of which shuttered in 2013, while Questlove of the Roots had a short-lived fried chicken stand in New York.