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Those Trendy Girl Scouts Introduce Gluten-Free and Greek Yogurt Cookies

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Even Girl Scout cookies aren't safe from the gluten-free craze.

Mmm, Thin Mints.
Mmm, Thin Mints.
Marit & Thomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

Clearly someone at Girl Scout HQ has their finger on the pulse of food world trends: The cookie pushers have two new varieties this year, one that's gluten-free and another that involves Greek yogurt.

As BDCWire reports, the two new varieties are Rah-Rah Raisins, an oatmeal raisin cookie studded with Greek yogurt chips, and Toffee-tastic, a gluten-free cookie with toffee bits. While the gluten-free crowd will surely appreciate being catered to, the pseudo-healthy Greek yogurt cookie is fooling exactly no one: Per nutritional facts posted on the Girl Scouts website, they've got nearly the same amount of sugar per serving as the clearly-much-superior peanut butter and chocolate Tagalongs. (They are made with "whole grain oats," though, so there's that.)

Thankfully, those desperately in need of a box of Thin Mints no longer need wander their neighborhood looking for Girl Scouts: Earlier this month the organization introduced online ordering, and there's also a cookie finder mobile app for both iPhone and Android.