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TGI Fridays/Official

The drones are coming! TGI Fridays released a fleet of mistletoe-carrying drones last month in the U.K., and today the company confirmed it would be bringing its drones stateside. This week, the drones, which marketing executives promise bring "holiday cheer," will buzz about locations in Westbury, NY and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. If successful, it's likely that the company will fly them through other Fridays' dining rooms this month.

Perhaps to avoid legal action, TGI Fridays' US division is positioning this stunt as more of a social media promotion than a straightforward encouragement to kiss. Couples that kiss under the mistletoe will be given gift cards. But those not able to make it into the restaurant will still have a chance to win: "[C]ouples on social media have a chance to win a gift card by posting a dedicated photo of a smooch under their own mistletoe, using the hashtag #happyfridayholiday." Why the PDA push? TGI Fridays labels itself as the original "singles bar."

Said Brian Gies, chief marketing officer of TGI Fridays in a release: "At Fridays, we decided to put a little extra 'happy' into the holidays by rolling out the Mobile Mistletoe this December. We're inviting friends to get together to enjoy a more spirited holiday season inspired by a little Mobile Mistletoe mischief." Watch the drones in action, below:

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