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Man Used McChicken Sandwich as a Weapon 'Because He Doesn't Like Them'

A most unsavory sort of crime.

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Evan Amos/Wikipedia

This week in McCrime: A 21-year-old man was arrested last night in Des Moines after he threw a McChicken sandwich at his pregnant wife. Police confirmed to the Des Moines Register that Marvin Tramaine Hill II said he used the sandwich "because he doesn't like them." He was jailed for domestic simple assault.

The plot thickens: When police first arrived on the scene, Hill told them that his wife woke him up by hitting him with the sandwich. Apparently, he then "became upset and threw the sandwich at her, then picked up some of the bun" and threw it in her direction again. When police found Hill's wife, she had mayonnaise all over her nose and mouth; Hill had apparently smashed the sandwich into her face.

Hill's weapons permit has been confiscated and he remains in custody. The McChicken sandwich has presumably been bagged as evidence.

It's rare for people to resort to using McDonald's menu items as weapons. More often, McDonald's restaurants serve as sites for crime. This Summer in New York City, a man walked into a McDonald's location with a knife already in his back. In 2011, the videotaped beating of a transgender women at a Baltimore-area McDonald's went viral.

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