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Watch Comedian Marc Maron Hate on Kale

"There’s really only two ways to prepare kale: Sadly or self-righteously."

Comedian and podcast host Marc Maron stopped by Conan last night to chat with host Conan O'Brien about his post-thanksgiving diet. Maron has been eating a lot of kale, even though he isn't really a fan: "I don't love kale, but I eat it. I don't know why I eat it. I don't know why any of us eat it. When did it become important to eat kale?" Maron continues to ponder when exactly the leafy green became so trendy ("I went through my entire life never talking about kale. And then all of a sudden every other conversation is about kale. When did that happen?")

He then hilariously has a revelation that kale became popular "at the same time people started putting bacon in everything": "Two years ago, bacon and kale replaced good and evil in our culture." Now, he concludes, "you just have to find a way to live a moral life between the two."

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