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The Chemex Ottomatic Makes it Easy for Everyone to Drink Hipster Coffee

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As long as they are willing to shell out $350.


Finally, companies are working to streamline the process of getting a great cup of joe. Some have created apps that allow customers to order their coffee drinks ahead of time. And now, Chemex — the maker of arguably one of the best low-tech pour-over brewers on the market — has introduced a fancy automatic brewer. According to Slash Gear, it's called the Chemex Ottomatic and it streamlines the Chemex's ever-so-labor-intensive process.

Typically, the Chemex requires the user to stand over the brewer, slowly pouring water over the coffee grounds. The Ottomatic eliminates the need for that: The coffee maker will not only pre-infuse the grounds, but will pour perfectly heated water over them, too. The Ottomatic will also keep the brewed coffee at an optimal temperature range of 176-185 degrees Fahrenheit.

It costs a pretty penny, however: The price tag on a Chemex Ottomatic is $350. Chemex's website notes that the machine is currently available for pre-order and it will begin shipping in January.

As restaurants continue to step up their coffee game, will the Chemex Ottomatic soon become common place in the industry? Check out a video about the Chemex Ottomatic below: