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Thomas Keller's French Laundry Is Officially Closed For Renovations

Napa's acclaimed restaurant will reopen in late summer or early fall with a brand new kitchen.

The French Laundry is temporarily closed.
The French Laundry is temporarily closed.

Thomas Keller's three Michelin-starred fine dining destination The French Laundry has officially shuttered for renovations and expansion. The chef tweeted about the temporary closure last week:

Per an earlier report by Eater SF, the dining rooms will not be affected; rather, the remodeling plans that were approved by the town of Yountville back in June include "a full-scale demolition and rebuild of the kitchen and the property surrounding the restaurant, which could take as long as six months to complete." A tweet from the restaurant yesterday offered a rendering of a very sleek-looking future kitchen:

Napa may not have to go long without its iconic restaurant, though: Per Eater SF, Keller is "hoping to have kitchens built in four customized shipping containers outside the restaurant, with the goal of reopening in the spring as an 'under construction' version of TFL in the unaffected dining rooms." If that plan doesn't work out, though, it'll likely be a "late summer or early fall" debut for the new French Laundry.

Keller's Napa restaurant celebrated its 20th year over the summer; he told the San Francisco Chronicle that he hopes the renovations will "give this restaurant what it needs for the next 20 years."

Today, Keller posted an update. He's getting his hands dirty: