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All of the Best Food-Related Clips From Friends

The long-running NBC series hits Netflix on January 1.

The one where Rachel makes a really weird trifle.
The one where Rachel makes a really weird trifle.

Attention binge-watchers of the world: All ten seasons of NBC's beloved sitcom Friends will be available for streaming via Netflix come January 1. In honor of this momentous occasion, here are a bunch of food-centric clips from the show:

Monica's homemade jam gets Joey's stamp of approval:

Phoebe gives a strange wedding present:

Joey compares sandwiches to sex:

Rachel whips up a bizarro trifle:

Phoebe thinks chocolate chip cookies are French:

Chef Monica doesn't know how to boil water:

For true Friends junkies who can't wait till January 1 to get their Chandler Bing fix, Vulture has a freakishly comprehensive list of every meal depicted on the show — all 152 of them.