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Robot Restaurants Are All the Rage in China

Attention human chefs: Your jobs may be in danger.

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Waiters at another robot restaurant in Chengdu.
Waiters at another robot restaurant in Chengdu.
ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

China's robot restaurant trend rages on: A restaurant named after the 2008 Disney Pixar film Wall-E has just debuted in the Hefei, Anhui province in Eastern China, Gizmodo reported over the weekend.

Unlike the titular robot in the Pixar movie, who spends his days cleaning up the planet Earth, these artifically intelligent beings apparently aren't too keen on tidying up: According to The Telegraph, "around 30 robots look after the ordering, cooking, baking and delivering of meals in the 3,200 sq ft restaurant," leaving the cleaning to their human underlings.

China's Heilongjiang province is also home to an all-robot restaurant staffed by similar-looking droids that cook and serve traditional Chinese food. With robots programmed to do everything from mix cocktails on cruise ships to sell fancy espresso machines, is it just a matter of time until our automaton overlords take over?