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Jamie Oliver Almost Played a Hobbit, Plus Five Times Oliver Looked Like a Hobbit

The British chef said no to director Peter Jackson, though he says he was tempted to take the costume back to impress his wife.

Jamie Oliver/The Hobbit

You'll never look at world changing chef Jamie Oliver the same way again. While filming a new series of Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feasta show that airs only in the U.K., Oliver revealed that he had turned down an offer to play a hobbit in one of Peter Jackson's films.

Apparently, while cooking for Hobbit director Peter Jackson's 50th birthday three years ago, Jackson offered the ridiculously wealthy chef a part. Oliver says he had to turn down the offer "due to work commitments." He admitted, though, that he was "tempted by the idea of taking the costume home" to impress his wife. The Daily Mail reports that Oliver gushed, "I really wanted to do it, I would have got right into it as well, I would have taken the costume home and said, 'Jools, let's make love!'"

While we're not interested in picturing Oliver in a hobbit costume in bed, it's worth reviewing his most hobbit-like moments. In case the whole getting people to eat better thing doesn't work out for Oliver, he might have another career path to consider. Hobbits are notoriously well fed too, after all.

Jamie Oliver/YouTube

Jamie Oliver's body proportions mimic that of a hobbit in this clip from his Food Tube channel.

Here, Oliver learned some hobbit-like gymnastics. He's already ready for the rigors of the role!

Oliver's facial expressions and gesticulations can be very playful and hobbit-like.

Jamie Oliver/YouTube

While cooking and dining in Sweden, Oliver looked very hobbit-like while preparing gravlax on a too-tall dining table.

Jamie Oliver/Official

Doesn't it look like Oliver is enjoying a second breakfast here, perched on a tree stump, with a bowl of porridge in his hand?