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Breastaurant Owner Rewards Employee's Good Work With a Boob Job

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The CEO of Bikinis is thanking one of his employees with C-cups.

Bikinis benefits include new boobs.
Bikinis benefits include new boobs.

A breastaurant owner featured on CBS reality series Undercover Boss has proven himself to be, well, pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a dude who founded a chain where all the female employees wear skimpy bathing suits: Bikinis CEO Doug Guller is rewarding one of his female employees for a job well done with a gratis boob jobTVLine reports.

The typically clean-shaven Guller donned an elaborate disguise involving a terrible black goatee and a faux-rocker wardrobe (which may or may not have been purchased at Hot Topic) to deceive his employees into thinking he was just a regular ol' working dude, rather than the super-rich guy that signs their checks. In his time undercover, Guller — who is also mayor of Bikinis, Texas, a small abandoned town near Austin that he bought on Craigslist and renamed — discovers a hard-working male kitchen supervisor who's long overdue for a raise, as well as a female bartender who refuses to don the typical bikini top uniform, something he says he's pretty "pissed" about. (Said rule-breaker is later fired.)

In the end, Guller tells 23-year-old server Grace he thinks she's "the model Bikinis babe" with "a ton of potential" — potential he's going to help her realize by paying for her to get a breast augmentation. A pair of "full Cs" will be hers provided she can quit texting on the job and be a total "rock star" employee for the next six months. Below, watch an ecstatic Grace learn the news about her "new boobies":