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From Trendy Restaurant Menus to Giada's Rumored Diet: 2014's Most Popular Stories on Eater

Remember that guy who bought out all of Burger King's apple pies just to spite a small child?

It's been another year for the chains, celebrity chefs, supposed scams, and restaurant clichés. Here's a look back at Eater's top posts of 2014:

10. Chipotle Workers Quit By Leaving Epic Sign in Window

chipotle-sign-workers-quit.0.pngChipotle came under fire this Fall when a location abruptly shuttered after employees walked off the job. The sign affixed to the front door read, "Want to know why we are closed? Ask our corporate offices why their employees are forced to work in borderline sweatshop conditions."


9. Man Buys 23 Burger King Apple Pies to Spite a Small Child

burger-king-23-apple-pies-idk.0.0.jpgWhen a man wrote on Reddit that he had bought the last 23 apple pies his local Burger King had in stock just to teach a bratty kid a lesson in patience, he had no idea how the kid's mom — or the internet — might react.

Burger King

8. Here's What Every Trendy Restaurant Menu Looks Like

2014_trendy_restaurant_menu.0.0.jpgFrom "might be dry chicken-for-two" to "$9 toast" to "newfangled deviled eggs" to the "burger that's crazier than it needs to be," this here is an example of what every new, trendy restaurant's menu looked like in 2014.

Arrests Made After Couple Falls Asleep at Golden Corral

golden-corral-buffet-sm.0.jpgFood comas happen. Hopefully they don't happen to you at the Golden Corral. Last month, a couple was arrested after falling asleep at a location of the buffet chain in Georgia. The man was sleeping "face down in a plate of food." The police noted that an "officer saved the man's life by waking him up so he didn't inhale food and choke."

Golden Corral/Facebook

6. Wine Drinker Suffers $3,750 Sticker Shock at Bobby Flay Steak

red-wine-borgata-markup.0.0.0.jpgA diner at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse in Atlantic City, New Jersey claimed he had been misled by his server into buying a $3,750 bottle of wine. Apparently, the server, when asked how much the recommended bottle cost, told diner Joe Lentini "thirty-seven fifty." After complaining to management, Lentini was able to negotiate the price down to $2,200.


5. Woman Sues McDonald's for Coffee Burns, Produces Fake Photos as Proof

mcdonalds-coffee-burns-lawsuit.0.0.0.jpgPoor Ms. Selena Edwards thought she could make a quick buck by claiming McDonald's coffee had burned her — a copycat suit based on one filed in the '90s — but was taken to jail instead when the photos she provided as proof were discovered to be fake.


4. Giada Allegedly Stays Thin by Spitting Out All Her Food

giada-spits-food.0.jpgWhen the Page Six floated a rumor that Foodnetworkperson/noted size two TV chef Giada De Laurentiis "spits out everything she cooks," the internet almost broke. A former assistant was apparently the source of the intel, though Giada's camp denied these rumors.

Getty Images

3. Is Arby's Pulling a Soda Scam?

arby_s-soda-scam.0.0.0.jpgPeople went crazy when Consumerist suggested Arby's was shorting patrons one whole ounce of soda. Instead of the listed 22 ounces, patrons only receive 21 ounces in a "small" soda. Arby's is apparently investigating the matter.


2. Three People on Trial for Eating and Selling Human Flesh Pastries


A man, his wife, and his mistress were arrested and tried for selling homemade pastries made out of human flesh to their neighbors in Brazil. They lured unsuspecting women into their homes, and then killed and ate them. Leftover meat was used in empanadas which were then sold to unsuspecting friends and neighbors.


1. How to Claim Your Piece of the $13 Million Red Bull Settlement


When Red Bull lost a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit that claimed it had misrepresented the powers of its energy drink, everyone clamored to get a piece of the $13 million pie. Unfortunately, the payouts — up to $20 per person — quickly drained the reserve amount, meaning not everyone who wanted payback got it.

Dawn Ashley/Flickr

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