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Deranged McDonald's-Themed Black Sabbath Cover Band Is Scary as Hell

A coked-out Ronald is the lead singer.

This one's not safe for the kids: Mac Sabbath is a Black Sabbath cover band that dresses like McDonald's Happy Meal characters. The band members revised the lyrics of popular Sabbath songs so that they relate more to food and less to death. The song Paranoid was rewritten as Pair-a-buns; The band's famous Iron Man was cleverly renamed Frying Pan.

Ronald Osbourne leads the band's vocals, and Mayor McCheese plays lead guitar in place of Tony Iommi. On the drums is The Hamburglar, and Grimace plays bass.

A few choice lyrics:

Heavy longing for bed/
Fry these cows until you're fed
Throw out your raisin bran/
Frying pan lives again

Check out a live set from Mac Sabbath, below: