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Tip Bomber Strikes Again With Surprise $1,200 Christmas Bonus

A waitress in Virginia was floored when she saw the 946 percent gratuity.


TipsforJesus isn't the only band of merry megatippers to dine and delight in this land. Today, a waitress in Virginia has to thank for the extra $1,200 in her pocket. Fox 5 reports that Megan Asadi, a single mom, was working at Waffle King's Virginia Kitchen late last week when she saw the gigantic gratuity a table of 10 left on their $128 tab.

"I wanted to get off today, but...." she told a Fox news reporter. She laughed about how lucky she feels knowing that she hadn't been able to get the day off from work. organizes groups of diners once a year who leave unsuspecting waitstaff massive tips. They then let local news crews to roll in, and document their stunts on their website. Unlike TipsforJesus, anyone can join in on the fun on

Asadi plans to use her extra cash on her kids this year, and hopes to wait on a tip bomber again sometime, "maybe even next Christmas." Watch the local news story below: