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Watch Chef Ludo Lefebvre Make a Sky High Cheese Soufflé

The French chef continues his home cooking video series.

LA's most well-known French chef and co-host of The Taste Ludo Lefebvre wants to teach you all about the cheese soufflé. A favorite at holiday gatherings in France, Lefebvre's three cheese soufflé is inspired by his mom, who used to make "very, very big soufflés" at Christmastime. Note the chef's technique for buttering the soufflé dishes — "up, down, up, down" — which helps the eggy custard rise tall once it's in the oven. Ludo watches the soufflés in the oven, "trust me, when you work in the restaurant business you pray for the soufflé to raise very well... it's very stressful." Of course Ludo's soufflés come out perfectly. Hopefully yours will too. Bon courage!