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Anthony Bourdain Is a Cat Person & 24 Other Shocking Facts About America's Favorite Culinary Explorer

Us Weekly gets the food world's favorite bad boy to share some little known secrets about himself.

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Larry French/Getty Images

In this week's issue of Us Weekly, everyone's favorite culinary explorer/Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain shares 25 facts about himself that have (mostly) not yet been revealed to the public in his famous memoir, the multitude of interviews he's conducted over the years, or on his twitter feed.

The list starts out tame. We already knew that the whole Bourdain clan practiced Brazilian jujitsu, and that Bourdain's kick-ass wife could literally "kick [his] ass." And of course Bourdain thinks "runny, smelly cheese is one of life's great joys." But did careful Bourdain stalkers notice that the man has not worn "an earring or thumb ring" since his daughter was born? He explains: "Dads shouldn't have earrings. Or thumb rings."

It's not really a surprise that Bourdain's favorite movie is Goodfellas: "I believe Goodfellas to be the perfect American film. Every shot. Every line. Every action. Perfect." But how sweet: He just bought his daughter her first chef's knife, and he loves cooking with her. Cue the "awwws."

Though Bourdain says he doesn't drink much anymore (which may crush the image so many hard-partying cooks have of him), he does have a piece of advice for servers and sommeliers: "If it takes you more than 10 seconds to describe the wine I am about to drink, you've kind of ruined it for me."

Factoid number 18 was a shocker: "I'm more of a cat person than a dog person." And number 24 was somewhat surprising too: "I am afraid of clowns, nurse's shoes and pressure cookers." Nurse's shoes?!

See the full list from Us Weekly via the Boston Herald.

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