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Man Pulls Gun on McDonald's Employee Who Got His Order Wrong

McDouble trouble.

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

When a McDonald's employee in Nashville forgot to pack a burger for one hungry customer, that customer returned packing heat. The Tennessean reports that Demetri Johnson ordered several meals at the drive-thru, paid for his food, received his order, and drove away. Soon after, he drove back up to the drive-thru window to complain that he was missing a McDouble burger. The manager told him to park, "and said he would bring out the missing sandwich."

Minutes later, Johnson allegedly walked into the restaurant, pistol in hand. He waved it around and demanded a new sandwich along with fresh fries and new drinks. After being served the food, he walked out. No shots were fired. The suspect remains at large; police are searching for him.

Other fast food restaurants in the area may wish to step up their game just in case Johnson gets hungry again.

It's not the first time a customer pulled a gun out at a McDonald's. Last year in Georgia, a cop was accused of pointing a gun at a customer for "holding up the drive-thru line."