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Watch Anthony Bourdain Discuss the Joys of Jujitsu With Charlie Rose

Apparently people call it "physical chess."

Here's a clip from today's episode of Charlie Rose in which Anthony Bourdain reveals why he's obsessed with the sport of jujitsu. "At my age, to learn an entirely new skill is deeply satisfying," Bourdain tells Rose. "To recreate that feeling of being the lowest person on the totem pole in a kitchen when I was 17, knowing nothing in a very hard world: The incremental tiny satisfactions of being a little less awful at something every day, it's like that with jujitsu for me."

Bourdain also describes himself as a guy "who likes making things," whether those "things" are plates of food, award-winning television shows, or other projects. "I don't even need to have it afterwards," Bourdain says, referring to the fleeting "private moment" when a chef looks at his completed plate before sending it out to the dining room. Go, watch the interview excerpt above.