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Thieves Steal 15,000 Bottles of Jameson During Warehouse Robbery

Jack Daniels and Bombay Sapphire also taken during the Dublin heist.

cri Christophe/Flickr

A "gang" of thieves tied up employees at a Dublin spirits warehouse during an aggravated burglary last month, making off with more than 2,580 cases of alcoholThe Sunday World reports a group of four thieves "armed with iron bars" stole 15,480 bottles of Jameson whiskey — plus an unspecified amount of Bombay Sapphire gin and Jack Daniels whiskey — by loading the goods onto two 40-foot trucks and driving off. Local police believe "the alcohol will be offered up for sale in the run up to Christmas," and are appealing to the public to come forward if they've been offered cases of liquor from non-licensed booze suppliers.

Large thefts of liquor are not uncommon. Last October, Kentucky's Buffalo Trace Distillery reported 26 cases of its cultishly beloved Pappy Van Winkle — worth $26,000 — were stolen directly from the distillery. (Owners suspected "internal theft" in the incident, and as of November 2014, no arrests have been made.) But 2,500 cases is a much larger haul than 26: Perhaps local law enforcement should keep an eye out for those folks who claim the bottles in their well-stocked liquor cabinets "fell off the back of a truck."