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That Espresso Machine Didn't Land on the Space Station After All

Thanks to a delay, astronauts will have to wait until April for good coffee.


Astronauts may be able to float in space, but they still do not have access to good coffee. Last week it was reported that Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti had arrived at the International Space Station with the first zero-gravity certified Italian espresso coffee machine — the ISSpresso — in tow. According to UPI, those reports are actually false.

Turns out, there has been a delay and now astronauts in the space station will have to wait even longer for a proper cup of coffee. While reasons for the delay have not been released, it could be due to the weight and size of the machine: The ISSpresso is 44 pounds.

The space-friendly coffee machine was created through a partnership between espresso maker Lavazza, engineering company Argotec, and the Italian Space Agency after an Italian astronaut companied about the lack of good coffee in space. To drink the coffee, astronauts must skip mugs in favor of sipping the drink from straws inserted into plastic bags. A spokesperson for Argotec says that they hope to have the machine up in space by April.

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