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Drunk Woman Arrested for Falling Asleep in McDonald's Drive-Thru Line

She told the police she was suffering from swine flu.

Maybe not the best place for a drunk nap.
Maybe not the best place for a drunk nap.
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An Ohio woman was arrested after she passed out drunk in the McDonald's drive-thru line. Per, employees at the fast-food restaurant said "the woman was unable to order and fell asleep at the wheel," at which point they called police to report that "a woman with slurred speech was blocking the drive-thru." When police arrived and told her she'd have to take a field sobriety test, she reportedly started crying and told them she had swine flu.

A man in Florida also recently found himself in handcuffs after trying to get a drunk meal at the drive-thru; he rode his bike to Taco Bell but arrived just at closing and refused to leave, resulting in an arrest and the saddest mugshot the world has ever seen. When will intoxicated people learn to just stay home and order pizza?

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