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13 Questions for the Creator of That Awful Hip Hop-Themed Restaurant Menu

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Though perhaps the only question that needs to be asked is "why?"

Is Mike Isabella making "thug rice"?
Is Mike Isabella making "thug rice"?

Former Top Chef contestant and D.C. chef Mike Isabella has successfully pissed off the internet today thanks to an ill-conceived "Biggie and Tupac Tribute Dinner" planned for his D.C. restaurant Graffiato in February. What was apparently intended to be an homage to two of the most highly regarded rappers of all time has instead merely demonstrated a total lack of common sense. The menu, with its awful, all-caps puns relying heavily on negative urban stereotypes (think "COKE float" and "THUG rice"), hasn't exactly been a huge hit since it surfaced via the Washington City Paper yesterday, drawing plenty of ire from folks on Twitter.

It's worth noting that the menu has since been vanquished from the Graffiato website. Washington City Paper also printed this statement issued via Isabella's rep: "The Graffiato dinner on February 2 is a celebration of hip hop from two of the greatest artists of the 90s. The menu is still a work in progress, and dishes will be inspired by songs, lyrics and classic east and west coast dishes." Perhaps Isabella will rectify some of the more offensive elements of the menu before the actual event? Nonetheless, here are 13 questions Eater is dying to ask Isabella about this brainchild of his:

1. Do you think 2Pac was really a Cobb salad fan?

2. Seriously, perhaps he was more of a Caesar guy?

3. If you cut blood money sausage, does it bleed Hennessey or Rémy Martin?

4. Will that blood money sausage be made in-house or purchased on the black market for maximum street cred?

5. Just how tangy can Wu-Tangy dressing be without the Ol' Dirty Bastard?

6. What failed pun are you even trying to make with "diavolo"?

7. Wait a second, do you ever actually even listen to rap music?

8. How much do you want to bet that your "butter-crunch lettuce" is actually from a bougie local farm?

9. Exactly how hilarious did you think you were being when you came up with the oh-so-subtle "Coke" float?

10. Did it never cross your mind that dyeing rice black and declaring it "thug" might be offensive?

11. What exactly do smoked salmon and cuddlefish ink risotto have to do with gangster rap anyway?

12. How much "sourDOUGH" did you think you were going to make on this culturally insensitive fiasco?

13. And finally, how many milk chocolate chip blunts were you smoking when you created this dumb menu?

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