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Watch Providence's Tasting Menu Breeze by in 60 Seconds

Coast through Los Angeles restaurant Providence's tasting menu in 60 seconds.

Los Angeles, a city of casual culinary delights, isn't rife with fine dining. But one of the best respected haute dining pillars is chef Michael Cimarusti's Providence, which has been serving Hollywood since 2005. During dinner, Providence plates several seasonal, seafood-centered tasting menus. The one below and above runs $210:

Brown Derby

Nasturtium Taco

Top Neck Clam and Squid Chorizo

Wagyu Cigar

Soup and Chip

New Zealand Abalone: Buckwheat, dashi butter

Uni in Yuzu: Soy milk, caviar

Big Eye Tuna: Fennel, Kalamata olive, basil

The Ugly Bunch: Shellfish, smoked crème fraîche

Spiny Lobster: Chestnut, parsnip

Live Scallop: White truffle, salted butter

Turbot: Turnip, smoked sesame, chive

Artisanal Cheeses: Seasonal accompaniments

Granny Smith Apple Sorbet: Pineapple, Darjeeling

Irish Coffee Panna Cotta: Milk chocolate, coconut


5955 Melrose Avenue, , CA 90038 (323) 460-4170 Visit Website