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President Obama Gets Props For Being First to Brew Beer in the White House

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POTUS is now a card-carrying member of the American Homebrewers Association.

Obama enjoys a cold one.
Obama enjoys a cold one.

Fledgling D.C. microbrewer/leader of the free world Barack Obama is getting props for his brewing efforts: The American Homebrewers Association has bestowed him with "a lifetime membership" in honor of being the first POTUS to make beer at the White House, reports New York Daily News.

Obama's quest to turn 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue into a brewery began in 2011 when he asked White House chef Sam Kass "to create workable recipes they could try." Their efforts eventually resulted in two brews, a Honey Porter and White House Honey Brown Ale, both of which are made with honey from the White House's very own bee hive. The most patriotic of drinkers can even recreate the President's beers at home — the recipes for both the porter and the ale are posted on the official site. (Good luck getting your hands on some of that South Lawn honey, though.)

Obama's love of America's favorite libation is certainly no secret: He's been photographed drinking at a brewery in Denver and a North Carolina brewery even created a beer in his honor.