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Let James Beard Award Nominee Chef Greg Baker Teach You About Cracker Cuisine

His new Tampa restaurant Fodder & Shine opens tomorrow.

Courtesy of Fodder & Shine

Four-time James Beard Award nominee and chef Greg Baker (The Refinery) is opening a new restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Called Fodder & Shine, the restaurant will highlight the state's "Cracker heritage." According to a press release, Cracker cuisine is "a tribute to old school Florida culture and the would-be cowboys who populated the state in the early- to mid-1900s." It is heavily influenced by Spanish and Caribbean culture. For the restaurant, Baker and his wife Michelle sourced "authentic Cracker ingredients" — like heirloom mustard greens and speckled butter beans — and spent time looking through old regional cookbooks.

Diners can expect dishes like wood-roasted oysters with prickly pear, grilled frog legs with garlic and parsley, rabbit and cornmeal dumplings, and pilau made with Carolina Gold rice. For dessert, there will be a selection of classic Southern pies like grapefruit chiffon and peanut butter. As for drinks, think classic cocktails like the Sazerac alongside new creations. Plus there will be plenty of wine and beer.

The space itself is 8,400 square feet and it features "modern and vintage decor." There is a large bar that can seat 18, and a hanging installation of reclaimed windows. Plus, the dining room — which can seat over 100 people — has white-tiled walls with windows that give guests a look into the kitchen. Fodder & Shine is slated to open tomorrow.