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Watch Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Unveil Their Plans for a Fast Food Empire

The duo want to sell wholesome yet affordable food.

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Here's a video from this year's MAD4 symposium in Copenhagen featuring chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson. During the talk, the chefs announce their plans to launch a fast food chain called Loco'l — which can be interpreted to mean both local and crazy. As Choi revealed to Eater in September, the chefs aren't "coming in with any gourmet agenda" and just want to serve affordable, wholesome food. Patterson notes in the talk that the majority of the county "is fed by corporations, not chefs" and that they plan on changing that. Patterson and Choi hope to open the first Loco'l location in San Francisco in Spring 2015 and open "like a million" locations around the United States after that.

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