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Pizza Hut Slings Saltier Slices in the U.S.

They are about 70 percent saltier than pizzas sold in Canada.


Americans really love salty pizza according to The Center for Science in the Public Interest. A new survey pooled data from the World Action on Salt & Health found that the pies Pizza Hut serves Stateside are somehow 70 percent saltier than their counterparts in other countries around the world.

The saltiest of them all is the Pepperoni Thin 'N Crispy: Every 3.5 ounces — or approximately half a slice — of the American version has 1,080 milligrams of sodium. In Canada, the same sized slice only had 718 milligrams of sodium. Even the healthier, vegetable-loaded Veggie Lover's Pan Pizza is drastically saltier in the United States. An American slice has 2.4 times as much sodium as a Canadian one.

It must be noted that Pizza Hut doesn't make the same types of pie in every country so there could very likely be many international varieties — like this Australian Dorito-crusted monster — that are higher in salt. While Pizza Hut also serves larger slices in America, which can account for the higher levels of sodium per slice, the survey mainly compared the pies on a ounce-to-ounce basis. Regardless, if you're watching your sodium intake, it may be best to avoid ordering the salted pretzel crust pizza for now.

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