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Couple Celebrates 64th Anniversary at Taco Bell With 64 Inches of Nachos

The owner also gave them a $64 gift card.


Nothing screams true love quite like a massive plate of Taco Bell nachos. According to My Fox Phoenix, a couple decided to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary in style at a Taco Bell in Arizona. Charles and Ann Lanter are frequent customers of a location in Apache Junction, which their daughter-in-law notes is "one of their favorite places to eat." So it only makes perfect sense that they celebrate nearly six-and-a-half decades together over waffle tacos.

When the owner learned of their upcoming anniversary, he decided to "throw them an anniversary party they [wouldn't] forget." He whipped up a special 64-inch plate of nachos for the couple, or one inch for every year of marriage. The owner also gave the Lanters a $64 Taco Bell gift card which will no doubt buy them many Fritos tacos in the near future. Check out the local news story below:

FOX 32 News Chicago