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Hot Dog Sales Are Bringing in Billions for Gas Stations

With the price of oil at a low point, gas stations are looking at food sales to bump up their bottom line.


Dinner at the pump is more common than you might think: Shell gas station's hottest commodity isn't gasoline but its selection of greasy hot dogs and bland coffee. According to Bloomberg, the company's overlords are delighted by the sales of gas station junk food even as the price of oil drops. Apparently, the 45,000 gas stations owned by Shell around the world generated $6 billion yes, billion — in "non-fuel revenue" last year. And that amount is expect to rise this year.

Bloomberg notes that some gas stations, especially those in Norway, sell more than 1,000 hot dogs a day. Overall, the chain sold nearly 100 million cups of coffee last year alone. In some countries, as much as 60 percent of a Shell's service-station revenue comes from "non-fuel purchases."

The sky-rocketing sales have inspired Shell to funnel money into serious expansion plans. Not only does the gas station chain wants to open a slew of new locations in Asia, it wants to focus on boosting the sales of other edibles products besides hot dogs and coffee. Shell hopes to increase the sales of its smoothies, quiches, oatmeal, and other products under its Deli2go line. Perhaps soon Shell gas stations will draw inspiration from Starbucks and turn into swanky pseudo-restaurants after dark.

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