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Coffee Shop's Shipment of Beans Came with 73 Pounds of Cocaine

Police are investigating the matter.

Coffee with an extra kick.
Coffee with an extra kick.

A German coffee shop accidentally imported coffee with an extra — and illegal — kick. According to the Associated Press, the (unnamed) Berlin-based coffee business received a shipment of unroasted coffee from Brazil that contained 33 kilos, or around 73 pounds, of cocaine.

The employees found the bag full of drugs on Wednesday when they opened the container of what was supposed to be pure coffee beans, and they contacted the authorities right away. The police are currently investigating the matter.

Drug lords have used food to smuggle drugs into different countries many times before. In 2010 the Customs and Border Protection officials at JFK seized nearly half a million dollars worth of drugs hidden inside chocolates and candies. Earlier this year, a Mexican drug cartel tried to use fake watermelons to smuggle millions of dollars worth of marijuana into the United States.

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