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The All-Bacon Restaurant Trend Isn't Dead Yet?

Louisville, Kentucky is the latest city to get a bacon-centric restaurant.

Screengrab: 14 News

America's bacon-obsession is somehow still going strong: According to 14News, Louisville, Kentucky is the latest city to get its own bacon restaurant. Called Ann Marie's Bacon Bar, the restaurant serves "Southern farm-to-table" food, loaded with plenty of pork product. Owner Ann Marie Dunlap tells the news channel that she actually cures and smokes two varieties of the restaurant's bacon offerings in-house. Plus, customers can order items like turkey, duck, and beef bacon alongside house-made biscuits and sandwiches.

Dunlap admits that the Bacon Bar is a "dream come true." She's been wanting to open a restaurant centered around bacon in Louisville "for years." So far, the week-old bacon happy restaurant has been a success: On Tuesday, Bacon Bar had to close early because they ran out of food.

The bacon-centric restaurant concept has been around for sometime now: Late to the game, New York City got its first bacon-themed restaurant in January. Called BarBacon, it serves everything from a bacon lobster roll to a bacon tasting flight. Chicago was home to Burke's Bacon Bar which recently shuttered, but Paddy Long's Beer and Bacon Pub is still serving up everything from beer-battered bacon to bacon-wrapped dates. Last Vegas also has its own bacon restaurant, Bacon Bar, which slings bacon burgers and cocktails. Check out the local news story below: News, Weather

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