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Ribalta has Perfected the Art of Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza

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Welcome back to Consumed, a video series in which Editorial Producer Kat Odell combs Manhattan and the surrounding areas for one-of-a-kind eats and drinks.

Hey stoned and drunk New Yorkers bored of Crif Dogs, listen up. Ribalta, a Neapolitan pizza-focused restaurant in New York's Greenwich Village, is serving a hot dog and French fry-topped pie.

According to Ribalta owners Rosario Procino and Pasquale Cozzolino, it's a total misconception that all Neapolitan pies made in Naples, Italy are adorned with traditional toppings. They say Naples is embracing a movement of creatively dressed dough, which is why Ribalta's pizzas come simply decorated with tomato, mozzarella and basil; or go so far as to include truffle sauce, zucchini purée, or even guacamole. Customers also have the option to create bespoke pies. But, Ribalta's most jarring pizza on the menu is the Americana, bedazzled with sliced hot dogs and French fries. Though it sounds like the ultimate pie to be consumed post midnight, how does it fare in a state of sobriety?

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