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President Obama on Being Mistaken for a Waiter

He was also mistaken for a valet.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Today, President Obama may be known for his fondness for trendy restaurants, but in a new interview he reveals that he has repeatedly been mistaken for "the help" at restaurants and official dinners. According to ABC News, the Obamas sat down with People magazine for an interview on racial bias that will be released Friday. In it the First Lady discusses an occasion where someone thought her husband was a waiter: "[He] was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee."

Obama admits that he's been "mistakenly treated as a valet" on multiple occasions: "There's no black male my age, who's a professional, who hasn't come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn't hand them their car key." The FLOTUS notes that these incidents are "the regular course of life" for many African-Americans and a "challenge" that the country needs to overcome.

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