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A Gift Guide: Cookbooks for Every Taste

Amateur cooks rejoice. This season, a slew of renowned chefs reveal the secrets behind their best dishes in a beautiful collection of top-notch cookbooks published by Clarkson Potter. Here now, a guide to the best.

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Jane Mount

Make It Ahead: Make it Ahead is the perfect gift for anyone looking to spend more time with their families over the holidays. With Ina Garten's simple recipes, you'll be spending less time in the kitchen and more time catching up with loved ones... or watching those DVR'd episodes of Barefoot Contessa. It's up to you.

Sunday Suppers: If your aunt's Instagram feed looks like she employs a food stylist, double down your chances of being invited to the next dinner party by getting her Sunday Suppers. With an emphasis on bringing people together through food, Karen Mordechai brings readers simple, seasonally driven recipes from her neighborhood to yours, and everywhere in between.

Sugar Rush: So your weird uncle is adamant about making dessert for your family. You know, the one who has never worn an apron but insists that his Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin is "legendary?" Why not make the safe bet and get him a copy of Sugar Rush? With tips and techniques for any sweet creation, your uncle will make something legendary.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook: You successfully survived the holidays, but come January, you're carrying some extra baggage. Don't worry though because The Skinnytaste Cookbook is here to lighten the new year. Featuring easy, low-calorie recipes that put an emphasis on flavor, Gina Homolka's cookbook will be essential reading from the treadmill of that new gym you joined.

Shake: If your brother has served your family far too many vodka-and-Gatorade cocktails, maybe it's time you get him a copy of Shake, which features easy-to-make drinks for every season. Your loved ones will benefit from your bartending brother's new creations.

The Portlandia Cookbook: You know that cousin you have, the one who grows radishes on his fire escape and pickles every food group? Well if you're tired of hearing him complain that not enough cookbooks push for sustainable farming while also providing endless laughs, The Portlandia Cookbook is your savior.

My Perfect Pantry: So it's dad's night to cook dinner and his famous "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad" is on the menu. Help him make dinner a whole lot better with My Perfect Pantry which features 150 recipes using 50 essential ingredients. Your dad will become your house's executive chef in no time.

Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence: For that coworker that considers herself "the office's baker," but can't remember the difference between baking soda and baking powder, Joy the Baker has her covered. With more than 100 decadent treats, this cookbook will turn any amateur baker into a pro, as well as add 10 pounds to most of her coworkers.

Extra Virgin: "I don't like contemporary Tuscan cooking," said no one ever. That's why Extra Virgin is the perfect gift for your Secret Santa. It has120 simple, yet delectable recipes so that anyone can cover their dining room table with rustic Italian dishes. And honestly, who doesn't love Italian food?

A Kitchen in France: For your friend who has an eBay alert for vintage silverware and won't stop talking about their semester in Bordeaux, A Kitchen in France is the perfect gift. Featuring exquisite French dishes like Cèpe and Parsley Tartlets and Winter Vegetable Cocotte, as well as gorgeous pictures of author Mimi Thorisson's home in the countryside of Médoc, this cookbook will have your friend begging to return to France.