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UK Critic Giles Coren's Show 'Million Dollar Critic' Premieres Stateside in January

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Coren's North American travelogue airs on BBC America starting January 22.

Surly British critic Giles Coren, who files reviews for the London Times, embarked on a North American road trip earlier this year as part of a new series, Million Dollar Critic. And the show now has its official premiere date in the United States: According to a press release, the Million Dollar Critic will start airing on BBC America January 22, 2015. (It already aired its entire six-episode run on Canada's W Network earlier this fall.)

The show, described as a hybrid competition show/travelogue, follows Coren as he visits five restaurants in each North American city on his itinerary, with the end-goal of "thrust[ing] one lucky winner into the limelight by giving them his million dollar review." Coren's pit stops include Philadelphia (where he visits Vedge and The Avenue Delicatesse), Providence, Rhode Island (visiting North and Nick's on Broadway, among others), Quebec City, Toronto, and St. Johns. He also heads to Charleston, where he was famously pranked on camera by a local hog farmer. Following its January 22 premiere, the show will run every Thursday night at 10p.m.